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Group Social ABCs

In this study, we piloted a condensed, clinic-based, group version of the Social ABCs to see if parents could learn the techniques in this condensed approach, and to see if children still made improvements in our target areas of development. In this version, parents learned the strategies of the intervention through a combination of group workshops with other parents, as well as individual practice sessions with their child in our clinic setting over a six-week period.

This study took place at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Hospital in Toronto, ON and recruitment is now closed.

This project was generously funded by:
The Alva Foundation; Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce; Kids Brain Health Network

This study is a registered clinical trial

Recruitment is now closed.

Evaluation of Social ABCs with Attention Training Intervention for Toddlers with Suspected Autism

This study examines whether or not taking part in a 6-week computer-based attention training program before receiving the 12-week home-based Social ABCs parent-training intervention improves the child’s attention skills, and/or increases the child’s overall responsiveness to the Social ABCs. This study is a follow-up to a positive randomized control trial (RCT) showing that participation in the Social ABCs leads to improved social communication skills and sharing positive emotions in toddlers with suspected or confirmed autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

This study is currently taking place Holland Bloorview Kids Rehab Hospital in Toronto, ON, Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital in Edmonton, AB and the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, NS.

This project generously funded by:
Azrieli Foundation and Brain Canada

This is a registered clinical trial

Enrollment is now closed.

Community Implementation

In 2016, Ontario’s Ministry of Children and Youth Services (MCYS) committed to investing $2.5M annually for three years to pilot four evidence-based Naturalistic Developmental Behavioural Intervention (NDBI)-type early intervention models in communities across the province. The Social ABCs was one of the four programs selected for this government initiative, to demonstrate its effectiveness, feasibility, and applicability within an existing clinical service model. Holland Bloorview partnered with McMaster Children’s Hospital and their Autism Program team to train their staff to become Social ABCs coaches and offer the program clinically to their clients. Data will be analyzed to examine parents’ and toddlers’ response to this program, and we will look at possible child and caregiver predictors of success.

This project generously funded by:
Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services; Kids Brain Health Network

Enrollment is now closed.